A.B. Costruzioni is a single firm and, together with 4A Atzeri Marmi e Graniti, is an associate for the Public Works. Gruppo Atzeri consists of two companies that have decided to offer to the market their own experience working in synergy. What synchronizes these companies is the vast experience in the field.


The group, intended as a company synergy, can work for the Public Administrations at a Regional level for:

- Construction & Refurbishment

- Renovation

- Real Estate

- Tourism

- Health & Wellness

- Systems & Technologies

- Energy

Detached houses

We build luxury villas on commission or detached houses which are then sold directly to the final customer. Check out the best deals available at the moment.

Housing development for sale

We build in Settimo San Pietro.

Buyers can choose the design on paper together with our engineers or buy the land on which build.

Public projects

We are often involved in the realization of works of public utility such as the lining of canals or the construction of bridges and other projects, which require experience and expertise.

AB Costruzioni Villette indipendenti
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