4A Graniti is the Senior company of Gruppo Atzeri.

It was founded in 1999 by the Edil Marmi rib founded by Benvenuto Atzeri. The Company operates in Sardinia in the industrial area of Settimo San Pietro (an actual islander district for the natural stones processing) and stands out immediately for capacity and operational reliability.

With the contribution of the sons Alessandro and Francesco, Benvenuto increases the business and turnover by acquiring prestigious customers both through direct commissions of private clients and also by subcontracting with large national construction companies for outstanding architectural projects.

Over time the company constantly and carefully manages the technical production and organization, which, in the long run, is an aspect that is paid off by an increasingly demanding clientele and with a growing demand, thus affirming the image of the company in constructions, interior design and funerary art.

The 4A Graniti core business is consolidated in the processing of the finest stones from the quarries of granite of Sardinia and from the quarries of marble of Orosei and the Italian Peninsula.

The main strengths of the company are still the transformation of the raw materials, tested and purchased personally in the countries of origin, in the machined slabs, with the help of a professional staff and through a significant technological innovation.

What enriches the organization is the commercial capacity acquired by the young members, with the aim of promoting the products, ensuring the maximum level to the customer in terms of quality and price, elements that have a positive effect on customer relations, both locally and internationally.

Today 4A Granites is managed by Alessandro Atzeri who oversees both the productive and commercial area.


We buy and we work granites from all over the world ensuring, through exclusive contracts with producers, the availability of a wide range of high quality products at competitive prices.

Our catalog of marbles includes an infinite number of solutions for any architectural requirement. In our yard are available, in sight, a large number of samples from all over the world.

In addition to granite and marble, we work and sell travertines, onyx and different other stones with characteristics and colors very special and precious.